At Touchstone Homes we have over 25 years experience servicing the construction needs of clients within Cork.  The wealth of knowledge coupled with our honesty and professionalism ensures every project runs smoothly. We also handpick our sub-trades, only choosing the best with an understanding of every aspect of a given project.


We have a reputation for being friendly and professional. Our teams are made of local people, with a variety of interests and active in their respective communities.

We take pride in our work, treating every aspect of your project as if it were one of our own homes. Previous clients have attributed our workers agreeableness as one of the top reasons for recommending us.


We take the stress out of your groundworking, concrete, paving or garden projects. You can also rest assured that any approaches and materials we use are up-to-code and comply with all safety regulations within Ireland. Our lean approach coupled up with our expertise means you get the an on-time, within budget build without any unexpected extras or up-sells.


Most importantly, we value our integrity and honesty. Without honesty and doing business with integrity, we believe it is impossible to have a truly satisfied customer– and client satisfaction is the one thing we strive to achieve with every single home improvement service we provide. Unlike many other companies within Ireland, we do not try and up-sell our clients on unnecessary upgrades or charge them ridiculous fees for minuscule amounts of work. Our promise to you, is we will be upfront with everything throughout the whole process.


  • Quality Workmanship and Superior Knowledge
  • A Job is Done on Time and on Budget
  • Proven Results for Setting Exceptional Standards
  • Professional Service for Private and Commercial

Our Story

Founded in Cork, Touchstone Homes & Construction has established itself as  a prestigious provider of construction focused on concrete works and building services. We provide professional concrete and paving services alongside garden room and office installations. With a real focus on quality and customer satisfaction


Touchstone Homes has been providing quality building services in Cork City and Cork County for years.

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    • Outdoor Living Spaces

      With life and work becoming more and more digitized, people have made their gardens a priority as a place to unwind, enjoy and soak up all the benefits of being outdoors. Outdoor living spaces these days can include comfortable seating, modern outdoor tiles ,coverings like verandas and pergolas, many types of stunning lighting, composite deckings/fencing, manageable planter areas ,and many more outdoor living space ideas.

      Touchstone Homes is here to bring your new outdoor living space to life.

    • Paving Installation Services

      If you’re looking for your garden to be paved. We guarantee highest quality craftsmanship coupled with the highest quality materials. We ensure the most aesthetically pleasing and longest-lasting results.

Our Suppliers

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